An Inferno Worlds Novella
by YD La Mar
Publication Date: June 22, 2022
Genres: Adult, Horror, Suspense

I always knew I could be a good girl.
Daddy gave me that chance.
In fact, Daddy gave me a lot and I hate being a disappointment.
I was lost, you see.
Taken on a Journee it seems.
But the boys in blue gave me a number and brought me to the facility.
Daddy’s home is much better though.
I love all his rules.
I just didn’t love the fact that he had to love everyone else.

About the Author

If you get your kicks in a magical manner, order toys from websites like bad dragon, and prefer your monsters in your bed instead of under them, then Y. D. is your girl.

Writing everything from spicy dark fantasy to fluffier-than-a-cool-marshmallow romance, Y.D. La Mar has her fingers in all sorts of man-meat pie, and the sky is the limit. Somehow, this magical mistress manages to balance her spicy author life with her responsibilities as a mom, a wife, and a resident of Sin City—oh, irony, you’ve felled me.

When the world is full of black-and-white, Y.D. plays in the grey zones, spending her time creating new ways to shock and awe her editor, as well as her readers.

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