Forever June

by Lexi Kingston
Publication Date: June 13, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

On the precipice of a breakup, Carmina Topaz fell in love with her brother’s best friend beneath the sunny skies of Florida. It all started with a pact; the promise of a summer full of distractions during which they’d help each other forget about their exes.

Until hers came back into the picture, and she was faced with an impossible decision that ruined everything.

Dylan Green has spent every day for the past four years trying to expunge her from his memory, but that summer, the late nights on the beach, and her striking blue eyes are imprinted on his mind like a tattoo.

So, when Carmina’s job brings her into town and the feelings Dylan has tried to suppress over the years come rushing back, he’s perfectly content pretending she doesn’t exist.

He may have attempted to erase her memory, but his is the only thing that’s kept her going, and she’s determined to remedy the past in whatever way she can in the hope of reminding him that loving her wasn’t always accompanied by pain.

About the Author

Lexi Kingston, born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, started writing when she was fifteen years old solely because she was obsessed with the idea of creating fictional worlds like the ones she lived through growing up. There was this thrilling allure to writing characters that you can relate to and find pieces of yourself within that she couldn’t shake, and this eventually drew her to fiction writing. She wanted to create a world people could get lost in—a fictional safe haven, if you will. A place filled with endless possibilities, where you can lose yourself, yet find yourself within the pages.

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