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Tour: Heirly Ever After by Magan Vernon

Tour: Heirly Ever After by Magan Vernon

HEIRLY EVER AFTER by Magan VernonPublication Date: May 10, 2021Genres: Adult, Entangled: Embrace, New Adult, Romantic Comedy, Royalty Sometimes, you’ve got to take a fake date to your sister’s royal wedding… After pumping the breaks on my college degree and being...

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Reveal: Enemy Down by Cathryn Fox

Reveal: Enemy Down by Cathryn Fox

A regimented life on the track is the reason I’m a Kingston College scholarship student.

But a wayward football—thrown by Christian Moore, the rich guy who ruined my reputation in high school—threatened to rob me of my future.

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Audio Tour: Shifters of Black Isle by Lorelei Moone

Audio Tour: Shifters of Black Isle by Lorelei Moone

With death lurking at every corner, love becomes more important than ever. With the threat of war hanging above their heads at all times, the fierce warriors of Black Isle are used to the idea that all they hold dear could be destroyed at any moment.

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