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Death Prince’s Captive

Beauty and the Demon, Book 1
by Emmeline Templet
Publication Date: Coming soon!
Genres: Dark fantasy, gothic, romance, erotic

I dreamed of being free from the shackles.

My beloved younger sister was dead. Our parents always preferred her, and they asked me for my life… in exchange for hers.
Hourglass Falls, a pillar of our rich and superstitious community, were calling to me. There had been times when I considered plunging into their misty depths to escape my fate.
I was forced to fake my suicide, or live with the cruel, unusual Master of the town, who wanted what I could never give him. But at the bottom of the cliffs, an even darker world loomed… And a monster waited.
His name was Diageo, and he was hungry. Hungry for my soul.

I wanted a captive. That’s all she would ever be.

My father made me into a monster. Midnight blue skin, red eyes, horns, and a towering, powerful body. It was seen as a sign of power, but I never wanted it. I wanted to be human.
When English rose Cordelia fell in my lap, it was the answer to a prayer I made daily. I wanted a little human pet to toy with, and there she was, asking only one thing in return. But she hadn’t learned you never make a deal with a demon.
With Cordelia’s sacrifice, I’d have my human appearance back. As for Cordelia… She was always just a toy. And I had a tendency to break those…

Prince Death’s Captive is the first book following Cordelia and Diageo. Beauty and the Demon is not a standalone series, and must be read in order.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book is for the monster lovers out there. If you like deviant, twisted villains and Beauty and the Beast, you might enjoy this demonic, deliciously depraved re-telling. Please know there is plenty of spice waiting to ignite your Kindle. Full CW list is available on my website.

About the Author

Emmeline Templet lives in an idyllic European town with her furbabies and longtime partner and inspiration for her dark fantasy romance. She’s obsessed with writing villainous demons who stop at nothing to claim their prize.

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