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Discord & Harmony

by Bella Faust
Publication Date: October 27, 2022
Genres: Dark, “Why Choose”, Rock Star, Standalone Romance

Identical twins do not possess identical souls.” ~Khang Kijarro Nguyen~

Twin souls out of rhythm.
Four hearts beating to their own drum.

Since the day she was born, Seraphina Noguera-Tomás has been in competition with her twin. Not by choice. Or by design. Their parents didn’t demand it. Their twin older brothers certainly never modelled it. Society definitely frowned upon it.

It was a rivalry entirely manufactured by her sister, Angelina.
A way to exert Angel’s self-declared superiority.
A deliberate scheme to claim Sera’s dreams for her own.

For twenty years, Seraphina let her twin sister’s bad behavior pass without comment.
After all, she had her fiancé and her band.
Until Angelina enacted her cruelest ruse yet and stole them both from her.

Four years later, Angelina is gone, and the opportunity for Sera to reclaim the life her sister destroyed presents itself. There’s only one problem. Recouping her losses means facing the three men she still loves…

Apollo, Remington, and Pax.
They lost her once.
They’ll do whatever it takes to regain her love.
Even if it means sharing her heart between them.

Discord & Harmony is a 200,000-word, dark, “why choose”, rock star, standalone romance featuring the band, Apologies to Medusa. It is a gritty tale of retribution, second chances, and forgiveness, featuring twin sisters – one good, one misunderstood – and the three men who came between them.

Reader discretion is recommended as some elements of this story may be triggering.

About the Author

Bella Faust writes romantic suspense with darker undertones, damaged antiheroes, imperfect heroines, and maximum angst. With ten years as a ghost writer under her belt, she’s decided to finally step out of the shadows to share her own stories.

In her stories, Bella indulges her favourite tropes – enemies to lovers, opposites attract, forbidden love, age gap, and friends to lovers. At present, she writes dark motorcycle club, fighter, mafia, secret society, and rock star/reverse harem romance. Her tales all take place in one larger, interconnected universe, so characters will pop up in other books, however most of her novels can be read as standalones.

When Bella isn’t writing, she can be found bingeing the latest TV shows and movies or wandering around in the wilderness with her two dogs and her husband. An introvert by nature, she isn’t very active online, but you can connect with her through her Facebook reader group, Antihero romance with Bella, checking out her website, and subscribing to her VIP Devils reader update, or by following her on BookBub.

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