Biding My Time

by Sarah L. Roth
Publication Date: August 2, 2021
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

After a childhood full of bullies and sadness, Serena is finally getting everything she’s ever dreamed of – the career of her dreams, the body she’s slaved for, and the fame she always hoped she would have. All that’s missing is a man to share it with.

When two men from her past are vying for her attention, will she choose Conner or Mitch? A relationship with one could ruin her career, and a relationship with the other could break her heart for good.

Conner’s on the hunt for a new spin on his life, and a new woman to spend it with. When he learns the hottie he’s eyeing at the bar is actually someone from his past, he realizes sometimes new isn’t always better.

Can Serena forgive Conner for their awful past and give him a second shot?

Or is she just biding her time until something better comes along?

About the Author

Just a Long Island girl living in a Southern world….

25 years ago, a Jew moved from the comfort of her Long Island home for parts unknown of South Carolina. She had to learn and adapt to the ways of the South, real quick like. For years, she was on a quest for Northern goodies in a Southern town. However, the journey for the proper bagel and the perfect NYC pizza always eluded her. The ever-loving theater geek craved the bright lights of the big city and planned to return someday.

All her plans changed when she attempted to settle down and marry. Five years later, she found herself the mother of “life experiment #1”, a boy. Then exactly five years afterward, “life experiment #2,” a girl came along. Both are every bit as eclectic as she is. Boy Experiment sings The Beastie Boys and Taylor Swift on demand, while Girl Experiment shouts “Where is Thumpkin” with the gusto of a head-banging Metal God all while wearing her Wonder Woman nightgown.
Adding to the family fun is Bronco the beagle, a rescue that has not only given them hours of entertainment but so much love too.

Sometimes God listens to your plans and laughs at them, and with Sarah, this has been no exception. From surviving a divorce, losing her mother to a short battle with the C-word, and learning to navigate through life with her widowed Vietnam Veteran father and her amazingly resilient kids, times have changed.

Over the years, she’s adapted, making a life with her B.A. in Theatre Performance in hand. She continues to find balance between Faith and the delights of slower Southern living. Though she misses the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple, Sarah is now fluent in “Bless your hearts” and understanding the importance of pearl-clutching. Her family humors her and enjoys her antics. That’s all she needs, no matter her geographical location.

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