Nicole Blanchard

Nicole Blanchard

Owner & Publicist

IndieSage PR was founded and managed by Nicole Blanchard, a New York Times USA Today bestselling author. Nicole came to the world of literary publishing by way of her love for books. Reading them, writing them, and spreading the word to other like-minded bookworms.

She provides publicity consultations, event planning, graphic design, and social media management. She strives to find dynamic solutions for the ever-evolving world of publishing. She represents New York TimesUSA Today and Amazon bestselling authors.

Mia Searles

Mia Searles

Publicity Director

Mia is a lover of books, movies, and the arts. She has a BA degree in English with a minor in Art History from Rutgers University. For the time being she resides in South Jersey and considers herself to be a country girl with a big heart for animals.

When she’s not working, reading, or watching movies, she love to promote reading to people of all ages. Being an avid reader is not for everyone, BUT she does believe that there is a book out there for EVERYONE.

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