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Reveal: Forever With You by Jennifer Labelle

We’re both broken. Together we’re a disaster waiting to happen.

I know what it’s like to bleed. To have so much pain you can barely breathe. My entire life got burned down in flames, and now I’m nothing.
My escape? Friends, booze, and willing women. They make me feel numb. Better yet, they keep me distracted from the memories that plague me.

Reveal: The Cleansing by Richard Luciano

Passions rekindle and secrets unravel as this cocoon of lust and eroticism unfolds within a web of mystery, challenging not only the fate of his family, but the welfare of the island as a whole.

Tour: Deadly Vows by Jody Holford

Former Army brat Molly Owens is happily settling into her new life in the seaside town of Britton Bay—and into new her job as editor-in-chief of the local paper. But as tourists discover the desirable spot, the tide along the Oregon Coast is turning . . .

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