by Portia Moore
Publication Date: August 22, 2019
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

He couldn’t make me feel like this…

It’s all a game.

Being alone is terrifying, but their love is suffocating.

The girl looking back isn’t real. She isn’t me.

The walls are closing in.

I’m quickly drowning in them.

It’s too late. They want me… they think they do.

But they don’t love me.

They love her…

About Portia Moore

I’m obsessed with blowing kisses. I guess that makes me a romantic. I love books and cute boys and reading about cute boys in books. I’m infatuated with the glamour girls of the past: Audrey, Dorthy, Marilyn, Elizabeth.

I’m a self-confessed girly girl, book nerd, food enthusiast, and comic book fan. Odd combination huh, you have no idea…

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