Black Velvet

The Velvet Rooms
by Linnea May
Publication Date: March 4, 2018
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

She is paid to lie and seduce – but I don’t want her insincere moans and fake smiles. My investment in the elusive Velvet Rooms holds a promise for more. And I will take what is mine.

No man ever took from her the way I want to take from her.

No man ever made her scream and beg for release. A release that remained inconceivable for her.

Until now, I say.

She claims I’m asking for the impossible.

I will prove her wrong. I know I can give her the unattainable.

Because I know it’s not her body that needs to be conquered – it’s her mind.

About Linnea May

Linnea May loves to read and write about strong alpha men with loaded bank accounts and skeletons in their closets. Her heroes are as sexy and beautiful as they are broken – only to be fixed by the smart & captivating heroines who cross their paths.

Originally from Europe, Linnea currently tries to befriend the lively squirrels in Rhode Island. ?

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