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Author FAQ

Author Review FAQ

How does it work?

  • We advertise your book or audio book to our extensive network of bloggers and reviewers
  • We send you a list of reviewers
  • You gift them your book

But isn’t that the same thing as buying reviews?

  • No. We don’t compensate anyone for reviewing your book. You are paying for access to our extensive exclusive mailing list of bloggers and readers who love to reviewer.

How many reviews will I get?

  • We can’t guarantee the amount of reviews you will get. But your book will be sent to thousands of our reviewers, featured on our home page, and promoted via social media.

Why should I use Indie Sage for reviews?

  • Indie Sage is one of the leading Author PR firms. Unlike other services that provide review listing with discounted books, we focus on maximizing our authors exposure.  The top bloggers in the industry work with us and we have propelled many authors into best sellers. We have a huge social media presence, including:
    • Facebook: 5,000+ likes
    • Twitter: 3,300+ followers
    • Goodreads: 2,300+ followers
    • Blogs: 650+ bloggers

Why do I need reviews anyway?

  • Reviews help authors secure advertising, i.e. Bookbub.
  • Giving away free books helps authors find new fans

How do gift my book?

  • Please send your book in .mobi format to the reader in a personal email. You are not allowed to distribute the book using a competitor’s service, like InstaFreebie.
  • For audio books, you can gift the listener the audio book or you can give the listener a free download code

Anything else?

Reader FAQ

Reader Review FAQ

How can I find out when you have new books for review?

  • Please sign up for our review newsletter.

How does it work?

  • Select a book to read and review
  • Receive your free book from the author
  • Read your free book and leave an honest review with no spoilers on Amazon with the disclaimer “I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review”

How long do I have to review the book?

  • Please review the book within 2-3 weeks

How many books can I pick?

  • As many as you can review within 2-3 weeks

Where do I leave the review?

  • Find the book on Amazon, scroll down to the customer review section, and select “Write a Customer Review”

Why are authors giving their books away for free for a review?

  • Reviews help authors secure advertising
  • Giving away free books helps authors find new fans

How do I download the book?

  • Once you receive the .mobi file, you can email it to your kindle email. Instructions are found on Amazon.